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Earth Embrace Eau de Parfum Mini

Earth Embrace is the newest fragrance, created by Essence of Vali founder, Valerie Bennis. 

Earth Embrace is a grounding scent made with seven essential oils including vetiver, clove, davana, star anise, rosewood, ho wood and cedarwood. This intoxicating and warm fragrance offers a spicy embrace that wraps around you like a tapestry of beauty and sensuality. Earth Embrace gently nurtures your spirit with romantic notes filled with deep earthy undertones and a sweet touch of natural goodness.

Men and women can both enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and the pleasure of wearing a beautiful fragrance. Use as you would perfume, misting on pulse points. Some people also like to use it as a room spray.

Scent Description: Warm earthy, sensual, grounding with a touch of sweetness and the twist of star anise

Packaging: 3ML mini mister

Manufactured: Bronx, NY

Ingredients: Essential oils (from plants) cedarwood, ho wood, rosewood, star anise, clove, davana and vetiver in a base of alcohol and water

Please Note: Earth Embrace Eau de Parfum is not available for international shipping. 

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