EOV Perfume Wearers

“I have been wearing this fragrance for 2 years now and would not wear anything else. It’s beautiful, calming, intoxicating and serene. It is the only perfume I have ever worn where men and women alike ask me what perfume I am wearing.” Terri

“Long lasting, smells great!” Pennie

“Sensational Scent!” Tonya 

“I love this perfume! I get so many compliments when I wear it. The shipping was really fast! Thanks so much!” Rachel

“I have worn the same perfume for 30 years. When I first smelled EOV, I felt a pull. EOV is one of the most unique and sensuous fragrances I have ever experienced. I was given a few samples, and heads turned. Everywhere I went, people asked, “Who smells so good?” Men love it. Suffice to say, EOV is now my trademark perfume.” R. Block

“Since wearing EOV perfume, I will never wear anything else again. It is refreshing, light, calming, and natural. I ALWAYS get compliments on this scent. I am a fan for life.” C. Sanchez

“I stumbled across a carded sample of EOV in a local antique store! Some anonymous perfume enthusiast had recently donated a grab bag of niche perfume samples which I dully snapped up. Though unfamiliar with EOV, I am always eager for new experiences – and I couldn’t have been happier with this fortunate find. In terms of quality and beauty, it’s great to know that a holistically-designed fragrance can give commercial synthetic perfumery a run for its money! Pure chance brought me to EOV—and boy, do I feel lucky! Once again, thank you for creating this wonderful, natural olfactory work of art!” Megan Ruisch 

“The scent is truly amazing and not over-bearing. I love just to use the spray to make the room smell great.” Lunachick317 

“The perfume is so beautifully made, and of course the scent is simply breathtaking. I am proud to wear your product.” Meg


Those Who Seek Relaxation

“Amazing- Literally relaxation in a bottle. This product should be the standard for all aromatherapies. It is pleasing, relaxing and unique.” Miles

“This is a fantastic product and smells so natural! I will order again!” Mary


Massage Therapists

“During my 12 years of practice as a massage therapist, I have used many health care products to enhance my practice. The outstanding product line created and manufactured by Essence of Vali has added a new dimension to my massage therapy practice. From the massage oils to the sleep remedy, these aromatherapy products are highly effective. I am passionate about using Essence of Vali products and so are my massage therapy clients.” Amy Morse, LMTManhasset, NY

“I have been a massage therapist/bodyworker for 17 years now and only discovered Essence of Vali products a couple of years ago. I have used many, many brands and Essence of Vali, particularly the “Calm” oil is one that it seems all my clients like and can agree upon (hard to do that). I also use the “Relief”, “Sleep”, “and “Balance” (I have a lot of menopausal women who love it!) in my practice as well. I also spray the “Sleep” around my baby’s crib (17 mos old now) and on my husband and my pillows at night. I use the “Calm” oil on the feet of my 7 year old client with autism after doing reflexology to bring him down even more. His mother has told me it makes a world of difference and he himself has proposed to me more than once. I personally like the glide and lack of greasiness I get with this brand and the aromatherapy blend is just right, not too strong or weak. It helps me stay as focused as the client is. I used to make my own by adding essential oils but none can compare to this blend – it is perfect in all ways and well worth buying from an expert. My girlfriend who is also a therapist has now started to use it because she had tried everything and her hands still cracked and peeled when using other brands. She told me after I have her some to use that this is the only oil that kept her hands soft and unharmed. I would recommend this product to any therapist or lay person interested in quality aromatherapy oils and products.” Nadine Beaumont, CMT 

“I have found your products to be of the highest quality. The oils are wonderful to work with; they give me great glide without impairing grip, and my clients do not need to towel off after receiving massages. Very often while I am giving a massage, I get a very strong scent of your oils and this invigorates me. My clients have also mentioned that they enjoy the aroma when I work around their necks and shoulders. Also, my sheets do not get soiled with oil stains, and this cuts down on linen replacement. Not only will I continue to use your products, but some of my clients have asked me to supply them with your wonderful oils, and I have recommended them to other Massage Therapists.” James Heller, LMT 


Spa Directors and Apothecaries

“As an LMT and Spa Director, I appreciate the grade A quality of Essence of Vali products. Essence of Vali provides fast shipping, great packaging along with timely follow-up and personalized service.” E. Rutigliano/Spa Director

“We are a wellness apothecary and have Essence of Vali sleep products for many years. These products have been so very beneficial to our customers – young and old alike. It’s been wonderful to hear all the positive feedback.” Annie Hull


For Men

“My husband, Jim, is very pleased with Relief. He uses it for chronic lower back pain and also used it for a recent shoulder injury (too much gardening!). Sleep is also excellent for both of us. I must say though, that my absolute favorite is the E.O.V. perfume. It is a really special scent.” H. Peluso and J. Bohan

“My dad has been using the Relief massage and bath oil for the past few months now and it has been godsent. My dad suffers greatly from neuropathy as well as rheumatoid arthritis. He has pain in his extremities. He’s tried countless medications and treatments to help ease the pain and has no success until the Relief massage and bath oil came along. Several months ago I was fortunate to come upon this product and gave it to my dad. He tried the Relief massage and bath oil and it relieved his pains. He was so happy and I was thrilled to have found something to help him. He’s been using it everyday and is so thankful to have something that truly helps his pain – it’s magical.” Linda


Those Who Need Sleep

“I have been using Sleep drops and Soothing Mist for about 10 years. I first discovered Sleep when I had a medical problem and the medications caused insomnia. The soothing aroma helped me to sleep when prescription sleep medications could not. My wife and I love this product. Please do not change this product in any way.” R. Pintner.

“I’m impressed with the oil. As I mentioned to you I have trouble sleeping. I sleep an average of seven hours. During the night I’ll wake up 3 to 4 times. Since I used the oil, I can now sleep more soundly and wake up only once, and will sleep up to 6 hours without waking up. I’m waiting for the day I can sleep the whole 7 hours without getting up.” Johnny Gonzalez

“Thanks so much for the samples! I tried the “Sleep” oil night before last, as I have some trouble getting to sleep, tossing and turning—within minutes after smelling the drop of oil in my pillow I WAS GONE!!! Amazing product, smells so NICE. I have now had two nights of blissful deep, restful sleep – thank you so much.” Shawn Shaffer 

“I tried Sleep the other night at 2 in the morning after trying EVERYTHING else. I have bad insomnia. I couldn’t sleep. I put some Sleep concentrate in my pillowcase on a little piece of fabric and I was off. I’ve done it nightly since. If I do not PHYSICALLY remove the pillow from my bed when my alarm goes off I will drift RIGHT back to sleep. I officially SWEAR by this stuff. I’ve told a TON of friends about it already. I LOVE IT!” Samantha

“Your ‘Bedtime Ritual’ is the best product – it is the only thing that gets me to sleep. I have recently suffered some personal issues, and this oil will drift me off to sleep within a short time.” Barbara

“The small vials of the concentrated Sleep formula – the one which is used on the pillow – WOW!!! I didn’t notice it when I tried to nap (I nap often because I have severe chronic pain), but when I went to sleep last night, I took a deep breath and – nighty-night! Honestly, just like that!” Mary Marion

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product “Sleep”. I bought it when I was in New York in April and I use it all the time. It is so relaxing and I love the blends of oils. I will be ordering more, and probably some of your other products too since I am so impressed with sleep. I use a lot of aromatherapy, and this is one of the best (if not the best) things I have used. Thank you for making such a fabulous product.” Gail Clark


Essence of Vali for Frequent Flyers

“I somehow found your Sleep and Calm massage oils in my travels. I adore these and was down to my last drop of each and have re-ordered. The calm essence is so gorgeous it’s lyrical. Thank you for your creations.” Victoria Hansen

“On a return trip from Monaco recently I was feeling a bit anxious. Having been away from family for five days, and someone who does not enjoy flying, it was uncomfortable.

To add to this, the pilot comes on the speaker and advises us that an aircraft ahead stated that there was some uncomfortable turbulence. This was enough to heighten my already existent anxiety.

At that point, a woman from across the plane hands me a small packet and gives me the instructions. Naturally, I listened for a state of calm is all I wanted. Well, two or three minutes after I continue to breathe deeply, I was calm, my anxiety ceased and I fell into a light sleep.” L. Miller

“I’m in love with the Sleep Soothing Mist, by far the best spray I’ve used. The sleep Travel Set is a great gift idea for a loved one. It’s a must have in the nightstand!” Trevor Collins

“It works, and whether you are flying or tossing and turning in a hotel room, this product is excellent for the business traveler. It helped me a great deal.” Ecopti 


Those Who Made the Switch to Aromatherapy

“I had been taking prescription drugs “Flomax” and “Diazepham” for the last four years. These drugs were to help me stop getting up four or five times a night to go to the bathroom. One night after I started using “Essence of Vali” I went to bed forgetting to take my prescription tablets. Being too lazy to go back downstairs, I decided I would take them the first time I woke up that night. Well, I didn’t wake up until six and half hours later. So the second night I tried not taking the tablets again with the same results. I have now been off my prescription drugs for over a month.” Frank Mason

“For the past two months I have been experiencing insomnia, I have been taking sleeping pills so I can get some sleep at night, but I always felt exhausted through the day. On Monday night I applied your sleep “oil” sample on my body, and I sprayed some of the mist on my pillow. I don’t remember how I felt asleep, but I remember it was so pleasant and relaxing. I sleep from 9pm until 5am, and I even woke up without my alarm sound.” Maria

“I recently ordered the Detox and Relief massage oil products. A couple of years ago I injured my shoulder and I have tried everything to help ease the muscle and aches pain. You name it, heating pads and gadgets, exercises, rehab, and of course ton of ibuprofen. I could not believe the difference after using the Detox and Relief. My shoulders stay loose and pain free for days at a time. It has taken a chronic pain problem and made it very manageable. I use the two products together and I am thrilled with the results. I am so impressed I have ordered some of the other massage oils. Anyone who suffers from muscle tightness or pain should try these products. They will be very satisfied with the results.” Rae Ellen Hill


For the Blues

“Sure, sure everybody raves about Sleep – and I, too, love it – but my little-known Essence of Vali fave is Uplift. It brings citrus notes and litsea cubeba (aka May Ghang) act like “nature’s Prozac” to put some ‘Aaaaaahhh’ back in my day.” Karen Flam, executive director at The Aromatherapy Alliance


For Children

From Tokyo: “I gave my friend Essence of Vali Bedtime Ritual for Children. Her baby went to sleep and did not wake up in the middle of the night. My friend loved it because now, she too can get a good night’s sleep.” Midori Kameoka


Women in Menopause

“I have used the sleep essence for years, since the onset of menopause my sleep seems less than satisfactory. When I travel it gets worse. Your sleep essence is so soothing to me, it makes any pillow cover (hotels, the home of my hosts, etc) feel so inviting and my dreams are more pleasant and vivid. For me this product is such a gift.” Pierrette


Those Who Need Pain Relief

“Your ‘Relief’ is the ONLY thing that ever gives my poor aching 52-year old knee relief. Went to the beach with a bunch of girlfriends recently and one of them came back hobbling. Gave her the Relief and she’s a customer now too.” Patti


Alzheimer’s Patients

“My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease approximately two years ago. He is 84 years old and doing fairly well. Recently he has started to get his days and night reversed. He wants to nap most of the day and then get up and get ready for the day at 2am. The doctor has prescribed two different sleeping medications for him which either make him “hungover” the next day or restless at night. I told my stepmother that I wanted to try something different. I gave her a sample of the Sleep concentrate and explained how to apply it on his pillow at night. My father has been sleeping well ever since.” Kim 


Wholesale Clients

“I am pleased to have this opportunity to share with you my enthusiasm for Essence of Vali. This new and exciting product has been well received by my customers that I can confidently say it is my top selling product on my online store for the past five years. Every customer that has purchased the “Sleep” oil or the various massage oils has expressed great satisfaction with comments such as:

“I have used the Sleep Oil to my sister to help her reach sweet dreams as well” or

“using the Sleep Oil is easy and gives and ultimate relaxation” and

“this bottle has saved my life!”.

Personally, I truly appreciate the quality and love you put in every bottle of your products also, your company’s professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.” Amalia Panayiotopulos, owner at GiftsThatMakeScents.com

“I absolutely love your products! I have tried many aromatherapy products and by far, yours stand out.” Chelsee Maxwell, owner of “The Wellness Day Spa”, KS


Joint and Muscle Pain

“We have a delivery man (Charles) who comes almost every day. Over time we have gotten to know him mostly because he is so charismatic.  His wife has cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, arthritis, etc. I am not sure of all tat she had but I know she is no older than 38. Because of this I told him about your products, because he massages her to help her with the pain. He chose the sleep massage oil. He came back today to tell me that she slept so well last night and he feels sure that it is due to the oil.” Marilyn

“While I was in Florida I did a bike ride for MS. Afterwards I had a massage done at this place and used your Relief. Not only I was impressed with it but the therapist was too, at how quickly it took the “knots” in my legs out from biking.” Brenna

“I received a sample of your ‘Relief’ product at a Women’s Health and Beauty Fair in NYC. I used the oil on my knees, one of which had been subject to surgery in the past year. Much to my surprise, I did notice a marked difference in the tenderness I usually experience. I applied the oil and gently massaged the area before bedtime and in the morning. I have used a number of other creams for arthritis and joint soreness, but never experienced the relief your product provided. This product really lives up to its name. Thank you.” Bettianne Marcus


Breast Cancer Survivor

“I am a breast cancer survivor and someone gave me as a gift one of your products called Uplift massage and oil. I love using its smell and I use it too with my massages and by baths – especially to help heal my chemotherapy ravaged body.” S.Schorr, RN

Overall Praise

“I LOVE your entire line. My husband and I have sampled some of your products and have noticed a difference in our sleep. The Relief is wonderful – all of your essences are.” Gloria Rice

“Valerie, how are you doing? Years ago you sent me a sample and it’s finally lived its life. I just ordered two more and I wanted to say hello and let you know how delighted I am that you’re still making a difference!” Leslie A. Young, Ph.D. Massage & Bodywork Magazine/Editor-in-Chief

“I had favorites at first and find the more familiar I become with the products the more different ones I prefer at different times – all the blends are brilliant. I have used other aromatherapy products and really none of them compared.” Dana LaVoie of Great Bear Acupuncture, LLC